How did Valentine’s Day come about?

St Valentines Day

Valentine’s day has long been in existence and a permanent part of our calendar year. Despite regularly enjoying and indulging in all the LOVEliness of St Valentines, I suddenly realised that I’d no idea why we celebrate it. Having done a little research I can tell you I am ready to celebrate this Valentines with absolute gusto! Let me tell you why.

The 14th of February is actually the day of ‘St Valentine’. St Valentine lived during the third century at the time of of Emperor Claudius’s reign. Claudius believed marriage was too great a distraction for his soldiers as such had it outlawed. The legend has it that Valentines went against his Emperor conducting weddings in secret.

Having learnt of Valentine’s doings the Emperor sentenced him to death. It is said that Valentine’s fell in love with the jailers daughter and on the day of his execution sent her a letter declaring his undying love.

Sadly Valentine’s life was not spared, but, as a result of his commitment to the cause of love and matrimony, we live to celebrate this day. The first celebration commenced on the 14th February in 496 in the city of romance … Rome.

With this new found knowledge I am excited to be celebrating St Valentine’s day with a fresh perspective and of course, an abundance of love.

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